Board Game Night Working Group

🤔❓ FAQ

What to expect?

Board game nights are a casual, social event directed towards roboticists and their friends and family. It’s an opportunity to meet other roboticists, network, and play board games. The events are typically hosted at a robotics company or other social space. Depending on the venue and interest, food and drinks may be provided. The events are typically held in the evening and last for a few hours.

What games?

Typically, a range of board games are available ranging from relatively easy games to learn and play to more challenging games which might require a few hours.

An example of a short game might be Codenames Video

An example of a long game might be Tapestry Video

Other examples of games that have been played at past events include:

Games such as chess or poker do not typically feature, but are not explicitly excluded.

What to bring?

The host will have a selection of games, but more games are always welcome! Have a robotics project you’d like to show off? Bring it along! Perphaps a hot take on continuous integration or model predictive control?

Who to invite?

Anyone who might be interested in playing board games with roboticists or robotics enthusiasts. The events are open to friends and family, but are not intended for the general public.

Age restrictions?

Our events don’t have an age limit and are usually family-friendly. Though if the event is at a bar, minor’s cannot attend, but that’s rare. Usually we meet at robotics companies or hacker spaces, where it’s totally cool to bring the kids. High school and college robotics club members are regulars too!


We typically take photos at the events and post them on the website. If you’d prefer not to be photographed, or if you see a photo of yourself that you’d like removed, please let us know. If your company has a policy against photography, we’ll refrain from taking photos at your event.

How to host?

If you’re interested in hosting an event, please reach out to Typically hosts should expect 15-30 people to attend, but this can vary month to month. The host is responsible for providing a venue and setting the date. It is common for the host to provide food and drinks, but is up to the host.

How to subscribe for future events?

Notifications for events are sent through the Board Game Night Working Group Mailing List. You can ask to join the group through the link above.

General feedback?

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us by emailing